What to expect at your first appointment:

  • Your first appointment often lasts one hour, during which Dr. Herdman gathers information about your present concerns, past medical history, any medications or supplements you take, your diet, and recent medical reports.
  • Then you decide with Dr. Herdman which health conditions are most important to you, and we focus upon those first.
  • You and Dr. Herdman also choose which treatment approaches to begin with, from starting new delicious healthy foods or vitamins or herbs. Or we may request further blood tests, imaging or other diagnostic procedures if needed to learn more about your health.
  • You’ll receive your own copies of all test reports
  • You will leave this – and every – appointment with a sheet of personal recommendations. This might include recipes or amounts of suggested foods, clear guidelines for taking new vitamins or herbs, and ways to track your progress.
  • Follow-up visits are generally scheduled two to four weeks later, depending on your health needs.