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For women, we offer a full spectrum of holistic treatments for women of all ages. Menstrual concerns including painful periods, irregular or heavy flow, may be addressed with botanical medicines or herbal concentrates, diet changes and nutritional support. We also work with fibroids, endometriosis, and support for becoming or maintaining healthy pregnancy. We see many women in early or established menopause, and above all we offer as much current research and medical information as possible, so that every woman can make an informed decision.

Many may choose bio-identical hormones, which we’ve prescribed for 20 years, in doses customized to each woman’s body. We ensure the correct doses by carefully tracking blood hormone levels, and listening to each patient’s experience of symptoms and well-being. Botanical herbal treatments and nutritional remedies may also be highly effective. For perimenopausal care, our aim is relief of immediate symptoms including hot flashes, insomnia, vaginal atrophy or mood changes, and bringing the maximum long-term potential benefits for bone density, heart protection, joint and eye benefits, and supporting ideal weight. Hormones must always be in correct proportions for maximum safety and benefit, and as close to the natural profile that exists in the human body.

For men, we work with all ages and health concerns. For low libido and sexual potency, we may use helpful foods, nutrients and botanicals to enhance pelvic blood flow – such as slow-release L-arginine and ginkgo in correct concentrations. We offer approaches for recovering sexual function and nerve repair after prostate surgery including easy diet additions and nutrients such as R-lipoic acid. For prostate protection, we consider healing foods and herbal formulas including saw palmetto, nettles, pygeum, pumpkin seeds, and minerals including zinc. Tracking PSA is generally done in our clinic if men want it, as a worthwhile screening test, despite some recent discussion. For men with low testosterone blood levels and symptoms, specific foods and well-documented botanical remedies can boost the body’s own hormone output. Some men benefit from biologically-identical testosterone for male potency, mood, energy and vitality. Testosterone for men is prescribed  in carefully measured doses. It is most smoothly absorbed as a skin cream, which yields the steadiest blood levels and best experiential benefits. As with female hormones, we carefully track blood hormone levels, and listen to each patient’s description of symptoms and well-being, to prescribe the correct dose for each man.

Our patients also have cholesterol panels, blood iron levels, thyroid testing, glucose and diabetes screening, and when relevant bone density testing, mammograms or if they prefer breast ultrasounds, and heart health screening on a regular basis to care for their overall health and well-being.

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