Naturopathic Therapies

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We always aim to recommend only the most relevant herbs, vitamins or remedies. We like patients to understand the purpose of each treatment, and we choose remedies that help several health conditions at once, giving the most benefit from a simple approach.


~ Healing herbs are backed by long and deep traditional knowledge in East and West, and now by cutting edge science that explains how botanicals work. Herbal remedies are dispensed in various forms. Standardized botanical capsule formulas contain measured doses and strengths of herbs. These may be single herbs or extracts, or synergistic herbal blends where each ingredient enhances the actions of others. Certain herbs work especially well as tinctures: liquid herbal extracts, steeped for months to obtain the maximum potency of active constituents. Dr Herdman may hand-mix a combination of herbs to individually address each patient’s health.

Botanicals have several ways of working: They might enhance a natural function or encourage the body to self-repair. For example, herbs for menopausal symptoms can encourage a woman’s body to release balanced amounts of hormones; liver tonic herbs may encourage healthy bile flow and  liver cell repair. Botanicals also have another type of action that does not exist in pharmaceuticals: The same herb can act to either stimulate or to calm the function of an organ, depending on the disorder – as if the body and the herb are able to choose the best response. These botanicals capable of restoring balance in this way are called ‘adaptogens’. One example is the use of adrenal adaptogens such as ashwaganda (botanical name, withania) and Siberian ginseng (eleutherococcus) to help the adrenal glands recover from being over- or under-active after stress.


~ is a very safe and gentle, centuries-old medical specialty using infinitesimal doses of natural extracts to stimulate innate self-healing. After an in-depth interview, Dr. Herdman continues with detailed study to identify the most relevant remedy. From hundreds of well-documented choices she selects the treatment best suited to your entire constitution, including all symptoms. The remedy, as a liquid or small pellets, is then given with specific directions for dosing. Follow-up visits are usually eight to twelve weeks later, allowing the homeopathic to act gradually. Classical homeopathy may have been in use for many centuries, and our detailed modern knowledge began  in the late 1700s in Europe. Now it is widely practiced by skilled holistic MDs and practitioners in USA, Europe and world-wide. Homeopathy is a subtle treatment method, like acupuncture in some ways, that stimulates the patient’s innate self-healing capacity.


~ includes any approach that harnesses the healing power of thoughts, intentions, feelings, or spirituality. We know from many research studies that the ‘mind’ and ‘body’ are a continuum. Early work by Candace Pert Ph.D. and others found that emotions change the biochemical mediators that communicate between cells, to boost or suppress immunity and other body functions. We may use art work or dream analysis to help patients delve deeper into their inner life, and to help each person discover their hopes and ideals, and to address obstacles. Ancient or modern stories and creative writing may help patients find meaning and purpose in their experiences. Some people work with myths and imagery to discover the personal significance of their symptoms, helping them find a path to healing.

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