Follow Up Visits

Follow Up Visits2018-02-12T06:43:01-08:00

Your next appointments:

  • Your follow-up visits are usually within two to four weeks after your initial appointment, and then we may meet every one to three months depending on your health needs.
  • Some of our patients have had regular visits for years, as their health conditions change or they continue to move towards optimal wellness. Others only need to meet once or twice per year to make sure their treatments or hormones are correctly balanced.
  • In each visit, Dr. Herdman reviews any changes in your recent well-being, medical records or test results. She answers your questions – (many patients bring a list!) – and together you plan upcoming tests or new remedies.
  • As with all visits, you receive a set of personalized recommendations. These could range from recipes or healing food information, to botanical remedies or a prescription for bio-identical hormones or occasionally medication.
  • Classical homeopathy requires a dedicated visit for half to one hour, allowing Dr. Herdman to identify the unique features of your health situation. She can then find the most fitting remedy.
  • If you wish, we will offer you the professional brands of vitamins, minerals or botanicals that best match your health needs. We order our products directly from the manufacturers, and look for stringent quality control reports, to be sure of purity and potency

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