Working in close partnership with you, Dr. Herdman attends to the whole person – body and psyche – and to the underlying causes of illness. Her specialties include:

NUTRITIONAL MEDICINE: Simple, delicious foods and menus embracing Western bio-medical, Chinese and Ayurvedic traditions; nutritional supplements when indicated.

BOTANICAL MEDICINE: Customized herbal tinctures (liquid extracts) hand-mixed by Dr. Herdman; advanced botanical tablet or capsule formulas to replenish specific body systems.

NATURAL GYNECOLOGY, MEN’S HEALTH, THYROID CARE: Offered to women and men of all ages, for menstrual, pregnancy and menopausal concerns; bone and heart protection; weight balance; prostate and male hormone balance. After thorough individual assessment, Dr. Herdman may suggest ‘natural’ hormones, biologically-identical to those our bodies produce ~ custom prescriptions for each patient, vitamins, nutrition or herbs. Your progress is carefully tracked via consultations, blood tests, bone density scans, and other testing.

CLASSICAL HOMEOPATHY: A very safe and gentle, centuries-old medical specialty using infinitesimal doses of natural extracts to stimulate innate self-healing. After your in-depth interview, Dr. Herdman continues with detailed study to identify the most relevant treatment. From hundreds of well-documented remedies she selects the one best suited to your entire constitution, including all symptoms.

MIND-BODY MEDICINE: Work with life events and counseling to enhance your self-understanding. Dr. Herdman may help you delve into dreams and your inner world, with a Jungian approach or artwork. Deeper knowledge of yourself and true feelings may strengthen your immune system, and your physical and emotional vitality.