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Welcome to Pacific Center for Naturopathic Medicine and the clinic of Dr. Rachelle Herdman. Established in 1997, our clinic specializes in Natural Women’s & Men’s Health, Thyroid Care, Nutritional Medicine, Botanical Medicine, Classical Homeopathy, and Mind-Body Medicine. We are located in beautiful Bellingham, Washington.

Our patients say:

Dr. Herdman has helped me so much, and every friend I’ve referred to her. I feel so much better, and informed about my health. My mom and I rely upon her. We’re concerned about Dr. Herdman retiring! There’s nobody who works in the way she does.

Bonnie B., age 52
Since I first walked into Dr Herdman’s office 15 years ago, I felt better. She solved my blood pressure and other problems immediately. If I didn’t have Dr. Herdman, I wouldn’t be as healthy, it would be a disaster! If she ever wants to retire and only keeps one patient, I hope she keeps me.
Robert B., age 70

Dr Herdman is warm and personable, and really listens. She understands diet and lifestyle, in a deep way. Dr Herdman is an incredible medical artist. These supplements help me so much!

Richard B., age 62

I know the quality of my life would not have been good at all as I would have only masked over with my prescribed drugs which I am sure would have led to more problems.  When I was diagnosed with an auto immune situation  the fact that I was doing natural medicines  too has improved the quality of my health and the stability of the situation.

Dr Herdman is a compassionate, caring person and takes this mission to improve the health of people by sharing knowledge and  has dedicated her life to helping others  to help themselves and have a better understanding about their bodies and also how the simplicity of how to eat rest and play are just  simple yet  a serious  to ones wellbeing . Always has follow up and always will do her best to fit in any other questions you may have after you appointment

My family has benefited more than I can say and I am graced to have been seeing Dr Herdman for over 18 years and will keep doing so.

Amira R., 48
My life went from feeling overwhelmed and burnt out by menopausal symptoms to one where I feel happy and productive once again. I feel emotionally balanced, energetic and fit. Once I overcame my sleep deprivation (accumulated over years), I began to feel younger. No longer constantly tired, feeling overwhelmed by stress, and feeling emotionally brittle, I regained my sense of independence and emotional strength. I feel like a woman half my age and look forward to my future.

Dr Herdman impressed me once I realized just how carefully she was looking after my specific issues: she anticipated that I may need a change in prescription and thereby averted a potential return to some mild symptoms. She was closely monitoring my blood profile and knew what to look for. I felt like I was being treated by a super-genius who really cared about me. Imagine that – a physician taking proactive care of their patient, rather than reactively responding to symptoms.

Lydia K., 52

The communication has been excellent. Through lab work, screening and consistent follow-up, coupled with the clear, personalized communication, I feel well cared for.

I have seen my cholesterol count improve, my blood pressure lower, and my sustained general health has been excellent. An extreme minimum of colds, flu and the like. Improvements have been noticeable both immediately and over time.

Herdman’s care is extremely professional and thorough yet friendly and personalized.

Wain H., 56

I get much more personal attention with Dr. Herdman. Dr. H lets me know what I need for my situation. Dr. Herdman has made my life so much better.

Gena L., 56
Dr Herdman’s gradual introduction of supplements and tinctures followed up with blood tests helps me see the changes and appreciate my progress. Over time I’ve seen an improvement in blood pressure, cholesterol, and energy levels.
Karen N. and Steve S.
Since my first appointment with Dr. Rachelle Herdman, my overall health took a new direction. The naturopathic perspective is a holistic approach towards the body mending and actually being cured. Nine years later, I have an abundance of energy, youthful appearance and a sense of well-being that I’m on the right health-track for the future

I have been directed to take supplements to bolster my overall health, supplements for specific areas requiring time, and supplements to guard against cancers, high blood pressure and the like. I trust the supplements recommended by Dr. Herdman’s office as they are scrutinized carefully for ingredients. Along with prescribed instruction on how to use the supplements, these particular supplements are prepared to be the most effective in the body, with the body’s own process, when taken as directed.

My bi-yearly bone scan has had very satisfactory results. Osteoporosis runs in my family, and the bone scan checks the density of the bone tissue. Due to the vitamins combined with a hormone, my results show my bone density to be that of a 25 year old. And I’m 58.

Occasionally, I have had visits with my regular physician. Often I don’t participate in the follow-up appointments, as some of their approaches/procedures seem aggressive. Prescriptions to dangerous and powerful drugs that usually have side-effects seem useful only in an emergency, last-ditch situation. I feel a holistic approach to health is the optimal choice.

Linda S., 53

I have  explored all traditional medicine approaches for my migraine management all without success.  Dr. Herdman was able to provide an alternative approach with strong medical evidence behind it.  I now rarely have a migraines.  Less than twice a month compared to prior to treatment having up to 20 migraines a month.

Mary Anne H., M.D., 42

When I first saw Dr. Herdman she found through a lab test that I had severe shortages of Vitamin D and B.  After adding those supplements, I had more energy and stopped getting colds and bronchitis.  When my blood pressure was high, the Carditone helped lower it right away and she prescribed a licorice tablet that pretty much cured my heartburn.  I have seen direct results from most of Dr. Herdman’s recommendations and my health has improved significantly.  At 55 years old, it’s important to take care of these things before old age hits!

Tammi G., 54

I am seventy-five years old, and some months ago began to experience pain in my right knee that did not relent even when lying down.  Rising from a chair was sharply painful and i limped from the discomfort.  Stairs were torture.  My family physician ordered an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory and referred me to physical therapy.  PT was not unpleasant, but the pain was persistent.

Then i told Doctor Herdman about the issue.  She produced two compounds from her [supplement] pharmacy stock and gave specific directions as to taking them.  I felt improved immediately, and within days, my pain was gone. I have recently travelled to Europe, rose and sat upon traditional low-slung European furniture, walked longish (for me) distances on uneven cobblestones and mounted steep staircases without a hint of discomfort.  All would have been IMPOSSIBLE without steady adherence to Doctor Herdman’s treatment for me.

You can’t argue with results like that.

Madeleine R., 75

I have been seeing Dr. Herdman on a quarterly basis for 4 plus years. I have never had any serious health issues in my life, except my cholesterol and my blood pressure have been slightly elevated since my early 40s. Dr. Herdman has analyzed my blood work over the years and found that in addition I have low thyroid and low testosterone levels. With natural ingredients and a small dose of lovastatin she has gotten my cholesterol levels lower and my blood pressure is better than the normal range. My testosterone and thyroid levels have now increased to normal levels as well. I like her approach to treating patients with natural herbs and supplements, and I feel as healthy as I did in my forties.

Frank K., 64

One of the things that impressed me right away about Doctor Herdman is that her pharmacy is not stocked with the products of only one supplement manufacturer.  She is not “fronting” for a particular supplier.  In listening to her rationales for her selections among the many producers, it is clear that she is capable of and has applied thought to each of her purchase orders, based not only on active ingredient but formulation, adjutant molecules, manner of administration, ease of absorption, minimal side-effects and even flavor.

It is clear from Doctor Herdman’s up-to-date familiarity with and continual reference to your personal hard-copy health-history file, which is present and open on her desk between you and her during your visits, that your issues and progress are being constantly tracked and reassessed.  There is no one-size-fits-all format with Doctor Herdman.  And she is not opaque or laconic in her expositions as to the actions and synergies of her treatment plans for you.  All of which combine to create a sense of trust and confidence from patient to Doctor which is fundamental a maximally successful healthcare partnership.

Mood and energy uplifts were foremost among the immediate positive effects on my well-being.  I didn’t know it was possible to feel as good as i began to feel when i first began to apply in earnest Doctor Herdman’s course of treatment for me.  She has also forestalled by preventative means the development of future problems that may tend to ensue without early attention (high cholesterol, diabetes, etc.).

Kim R., 50

I was able to control my blood pressure with her  recommended supplements and discontinued my ace-inhibitors.  My sleeping improved and I was able to stop taking sleeping pills.  I’ve also notice increased energy and general health.

All the items mentioned above but also I haven’t had a single cold of flu this winter which is a first for me, and I feel this is directly linked to the supplements and guidance received from Dr. Herdman

I have been so grateful for the guidance I’ve received from Dr. Herdman which has improved my health and as a result, my quality of life.  She has also helped me to prepare for hip surgery with recommendations for diet and supplements. I have complete confidence that I can turn to her with any health issues that might occur in the future.

Debbie T., 56

I prefer the holistic approach of naturopathy but have also appreciated the availability of drugs for relief of conditions such as asthma and migraines.  The “big guns” are nice to have there when you really need them!  But Rachelle cured my stomach disorder (h pylori) with natural herbs when my MD had recommended long term doses of two kinds of antibiotics (which I knew would bring on more problems with my system)  My MD thought it was great the natural means worked.  I also don’t have to visit my MD as often now because the supplements I take keep me healthier.  Dr. Rachelle also encourages me to keep to my “promises” to exercise regularly:)

Sleep has improved with use of herbs.  Sinus problems have improved with use of tinctures and herbs. Bone density has improved.  Vitamin and herb supplements keep me healthier and feeling better all around.

Nice, friendly office atmosphere.  I feel like family!

Barbara S., 64

I appreciate the depth allowed by the medical degree combined with the focus of the naturopath.  The combination of understanding and commitment come together well and provide a more thorough approach to health care than each might alone.

Stan O., 66


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