Nutritional Medicine

Nutritional Medicine2018-03-27T03:25:01-07:00

Our work with nutrition and healing foods spans a wide range:

  • Detailed recommendations for simple diet changes, with new healthy foods to add, delicious ways to enjoy them, and amounts and frequencies. Dr. Herdman may ask you to minimize certain foods, and will provide a list of tasty substitutes to try.
  • Cleansing programs lasting one to three weeks: Ample amounts of simple and specific healing foods flood your body with nutrients, while avoiding allergenic or aggravating foods. Patients often report that they feel vibrant, energized and upbeat after a short cleanse.
  • Teachings about food and healing, embracing Western bio-medical science, macrobiotic and Chinese and Ayurvedic wisdom, acid-alkaline theory, balancing warming and cooling foods, and more.
  • Recipes from Dr. Herdman’s Food and Healing seminars, and her book ‘Feast Your Way to Health’. Simple, delicious dishes with particular health benefits.
  • When relevant, Dr. Herdman will recommend specific high-potency minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, essential fats or other supplements, and teach you about their ingredients and her reason for choosing them.

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