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Working in close partnership with you, Dr. Herdman attends to the whole person – body and psyche – and to the underlying causes of illness. Her specialties include the following:


Simple, delicious dishes embracing Western bio-medical, Chinese and Ayurvedic teachings; high-potency nutritional supplements.

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Customized herbal tinctures hand-mixed by Dr. Herdman; advanced botanical tablet or capsule formulas to replenish specific body systems.

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Natural Women’s
​& Men’s Health

Menstrual and menopausal care; prostate & male hormone balance. Herbs and bio-identical hormones for bones, heart and ideal weight.

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Full range of individualized thyroid care, from customized T4 and T3 doses, to botanical adrenal support, & careful tracking of blood results.

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A very safe and gentle, centuries-old medical specialty using infinitesimal doses of natural extracts to stimulate innate self-healing.

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Work with life events, dreams and counseling to strengthen your immune system, self-knowledge, and physical and emotional vitality.

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